And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony… Revelation 12:11 –  NKJV

You Have A Story To Tell…

  • Stories remind us we aren’t alone.
  • U-Turn helps you journey through your own story of victory.
  • Learn how to share your story with others with groups.
  • Help lead others in sharing their stories.
The specific purpose of the U-Turn Institute is to bring spiritual, emotional, and social healing by sharing real life experiences (personal stories) which identify with others who have similar journeys.  Thus, at the heart of all that happens within this Institute is the wonderful opportunity for all participants to hear stories and share stories of the U-turns made by themselves and others.

In a marvelous article in Christianity Today – International, Nish Weiseth, authored “How Story Telling Can Change the World”.  Weiseth wrote,

“It seems like the word story is everywhere lately… But what does this mean? When we talk about ‘our story,’ or ‘God’s story,’ what are we referring to? I think the lines can get blurred, and it can be easy to misunderstand given how often and widely these terms are used. 

In my book, Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World, I define story as the vulnerable sharing of your life experiences with others. It’s everything that you’ve been through in your life, but more importantly, in a Christian context, I think it also refers to the ways in which God has worked in and through those experiences. 

When I share my own story…  it never takes long for someone else to say, ‘Oh, me too! I’ve felt like that as well.’ And that is the moment when everything changes for the better.”

These words capture the heart of storytelling at the U-Turn Institute.  Lead storytellers will share how their lives were radically changed from dependency upon alcohol, or drugs; how their financial tragedies were reversed; broken families were restored and reunited; how they were delivered and assisted on their journey through Post Traumatic Stress Disorders; how they journeyed through grief related to divorce or the death of a loved one… and many other journeys of change and growth.  These journeys were successful because of “the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…”  Revelation 12:11 NKJV

The U-Turn Institute will present stories of healing, hope and happiness by people from all walks of life.  Persons hearing those stories will be encouraged to make a U-Turn in his/her life, and then trained to become storytellers and facilitators of storytelling groups, should they wish to do so.  Groups exist based upon many, many journeys faced by people in today’s changing times; these groups will allow those who wish to hear stories of struggles and victories, similar to their own, to do so and to be assisted in overcoming the issue or issues they face and then… make a life-changing U-Turn.

The First U-Turn Story: Lynn Jones

Lynn Jones shared his story to Westmore Church on Sunday, November 19, 2017. What began as a personal story has become the heartbeat of The U-Turn Institute. We invite you to relive this moment by watching Lynn’s story.