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Every day, in large and small ways, our U-Turn team is involved in providing healing, hope, and happiness within our community and beyond. This is accomplished because of the financial support of numerous friends who believe in the mission of this program.

Partnering with the U-Turn Institute through financial gifts allows the donor to assist in providing food, classes on a variety of subjects including GriefShare, anxiety/depression, marital conflict, family health crises, substance abuse, and many, many more issues. In addition, your gift provides support for numerous events, speakers, concerts, etc., that present the community support and instruction on many relevant social and spiritual matters.

Your prayers and financial support will greatly assist people who have made a spiritual and behavioral u-turn in their lives and are willing to tell their stories so that others may make the same or similar u-turns in their lives.

Thus, your financial gift will change lives by providing opportunities for people to make u-turns from alcoholism, grief, emotional distress, family conflict, addiction, and other painful and destructive lifestyles. Please consider a financial donation today.


The U-Turn Team