Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving,
let your requests be made known to God. Phillipians 4:6
 –  NKJV

In this unprecedented time, our desire to help you experience growth and life changes through the engagement and telling of your story remains unchanged. While the methods may be different, our identity remains the same. Just like a good book can also be delivered as an audiobook or through an e-reader, so too can our services reach you through the use of technology!

Currently, all of our active groups have transitioned into an online format utilizing Zoom for easy access. We’ve provided detailed instructions to assist them with setup as well as providing material for discussion via this online platform. With some one-on-one work and their individual efforts, we are proud to say we’ve had a 100% success rate with those who have participated!

We’ve also continued to promote hope, healing, and happiness in our community by effectively utilizing our street-side sign to provide helpful and hopeful reminders for those who drive within eyesight. If you take time to drive by our office off of 25th Street & Keith Street, you may notice an encouraging message throughout the week!

Finally, we are offering you and our community a series of reflections and resources throughout this time to encourage growth in your story. Such resources can be found on our website at or alternatively on our Facebook page (@uturninst). These options will range in material that can benefit students, parents, and families. We realize that the increasing time together is a benefit and we want to provide resources to our families to encourage their stories to grow!

In closing, please know our staff is continuing to pray for you and our world in this critical time. While many people may seek comfort in a variety of ways, we at U-Turn hold fast to the peace that passes all understanding that is offered by Jesus Christ. We hope that his offer — especially in the fearfulness that is ever present — to take our burdens in exchange for a lighter
load is one you have already made or hope to make. May his Grace and Peace be with you.

With Love and Constant Prayer,
The U-Turn Institute Team and Board